water for animals

Water is a chemical compound created of oxygen and hydrogen atoms. It can be changed into liquid, vapor or solid states, more commonly known as liquid, steam or ice. Scientists believe that the hydrogen used to make water was formed in the
original Big Bang of the universe ten to twenty billion years ago. When stars were exploded, water was sent into space as a gas.

This gas was attracted by the early earth. Fortunately for the earth, the atmosphere was also strong enough to keep the water. Perhaps some water was also created by volcanic action here on the early earth which sent into the atmosphere hot water
vapor as steam. Whatever the source of water, most scientists feel that the
existing supply on earth is finite and can’t be replenished without greater amounts of energy than science is capable of at present. If we destroy it, we can’t make more.

The resident water on earth has a water cycle. It evaporates from oceans leaving the salt of the seas behind. It forms clouds and that accumulated fresh water then rains. Following that the water runs off the land and back into the seas.

Water covers 71 percent of the earth’s surface. Of this. 96 percent is in the oceans and about two percent is in groundwater. Two more percent is in ice and the rest is in the atmosphere. Only 2.5 percent of this water is fresh and almost 99 percent of that is in ice or underground, not easily available to animals. Less that .3 percent is in rivers and lakes and the atmosphere. A tiny bit more is carried in plants and animal bodies. Here’s another interesting fact. About 70 percent of the small portion of the water on earth that is drinkable by animals is used in human agriculture including animals raised by humans to be eaten. Wildlife doesn’t have much left to drink, does it?

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