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The latest about our nature books, Chesapeake and other fiction, Solar Sipper animal drinking products, water resource issues, and wildlife cartoon books





Water for Backyard Pets and Wildlife by Thomas Hollyday

 cover water for backyard  no 2



This is the first book on the subject that we’ve seen anywhere. A winner for a book collection and for gifts. Check it out and we know you will agree this is a handy book. 

You should sell the print version of this book in your store or have it in your nature library. Clean water is the best gift you and your customers can give to animals. .


Remember your backyard is nature’s playground. You do your best to make sure the birds have seed, and that the environment is safe for everyone. But are you really providing the best watering options for your pets and wild friends? This book will ensure that you create the ideal habitat for all animals that come to visit you!







Nature’s Viewpoint by Thomas Hollyday

 natures viewpoint cover 1115




Want to know what the backyard nature creatures really think? Boston Cartoonist Thomas  Hollyday is loved for his simple insightful creatures. In The Nature Viewpoint  he records the hilarious comments of his imaginary nature realm drawn  from his childhood on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  A recognized humorist with a fluid line, his playful  wildlife drawings  guide us through the  year with some of the funniest most poignant cartoons anywhere.Thomas Hollyday’s funny animal cartoons have given us good laughs when they have appeared on the national scene He was voted to membership in the prestigious New York Cartoonist Graphics Artist Guild. Chuckle at this collection of his thoughtful and very amusing drawings, penned in his unique, easy to understand and simply drawn style.




List $14.95  Standard discounts.

Email tomah@solarsippers.com

Let Tom send you a free ebook copy of either to read for yourself or to write a review.










Deluxe Solar Sipper Wild Bird water station invented for animals by Thomas Hollyday in 1985

 10008 solar sipper may 2014




The best selling Deluxe Solar Sipper Model 10008 with its 1 ½ inch opening continues to find fans. That’s because it is a unique and useful product. It has the features that count for wild birds.

 (1)It is portable and tough and much better than an open dish or birdbath for drinking.

 (2) It uses passive solar to heat its water. That means that expensive solar cells are not used to convert heat to electricity to run heaters. Instead it directly radiates the heat from a dark surface to the water that the surface covers. It’s simple, inexpensive, and efficient in attracting radiant heat in the same way as black solar pipes placed on a roof in sunlight heat house water every day.

 (3) It is competitive to electric powered drinkers in its temperature range

(4)  It operates in sunlight when animals range outside and like to drink.

(5) It has no wires for animals like chickens to peck or chew.






(6) Operating to about 20 deg. F in winter, it doesn’t allow birds to freeze parts of their bodies like feathers or beaks  as can happen with too hot open water being provided in frigid temperatures.





(7)It covers the water to keep out bacteria.

(8) Its cover keeps wind from cooling the water surface, 

(9) It has air space insulation from its three part construction.

(10) Unlike electric waterers,  it is useful in all seasons, working to cool water in summer, heat in winter.

(11) It is specialized as a drinker instead of a birdbath so birds cannot bathe in it

(12) It fits in well with your daily schedule of providing clean water and food to your pets. The days of filling the birdbath and forgetting it for a week are over with all the pollution and bacteria around.

Your outside pets and wildlife deserve what your indoor pets expect every morning.


 Check out our recent test videos of these Solar Sipper units 10040, 10008, and the dog or commercial version Solar Sipper 10011 in operation on YouTube.  These videos show backyard weather down to 20 degrees F.  with some clouds and light wind compromising the sunlight. The Solar Sippers consistently stayed ice free even though an open water dish froze solid.




Solar Sipper® Product Line 2015  Non-electric outdoor covered water stations for animals

                Manufactured by Happy Bird Corporation, P.O. Box 86, Weston, MA 02493. Made in the USA.


   10003 Model 10003 All season wild bird Garden Blue Solar Sipper with Garden Blue footed base and translucent top. Top keeps water clean, safe-no electrical wires, solar top uses sun to keep water clean of ice to 20 deg. ambient, air space keeps water cool in summer, warm in winter.
  1001410014 solar sipper ;may 2014 Model 10014, same as Model 10003  but with Model 10004 Mounting bracket.
Deluxe Solar Sipper – 10008


Deluxe in Berry Red        

The Solar Sipper® Deluxe is the best product for clean, fresh drinking water for wild birds on the market today. These water stations do it all. Unlike a birdbath, they cover the water to keep it clean. The patented design insulates to keep water cooler in the summer and warmer in winter. It heats with a unique solar design against winter ice. In winter simply fill with warm water, place in winter sun and the Solar Sipper will remain unfrozen all day to 20 degrees F.  Model 10008 features berry red outer cup, . 8-1/2″ dia., 3″ h, 1-1/2″ dia. opening. Holds 1 quart.
Deluxe Pet Solar Sipper – 10012

Commercial Sipper – 10011

Deluxe Berry Red  Cup       Commercial Solar Black Cup

Safe and reliable Solar Sipper® Commercial watering stations are engineered for providing fresh drinking water to backyard poultry, pets, wildlife. No wires to shock busy beaks.  The water surface is covered to keep water clean while the unit is insulated for year-round use. Winter use is possible due to the patented black solar top. In winter, simply fill with warm water, put out in the winter sun and the unit will remain unfrozen all day to 20 degrees F.  Model 10012 features berry red outer cup,   – a little fancier for the cat or dog who has everything. 8-1/2″ dia., 3″ h, 4″ dia. Opening. Holds 1 quart.  Both models are good for poultry.
Super Solar Sipper – 10040 The Model 10040 Super Solar Sipper® solar-heated portable fresh drinking water station for wild birds is designed with birds in mind to go where they go at any time of year. Tough plastic cover keeps water clean for a day’s drinking while the patented top design keeps enough solar heat to keep water from freezing to 15 degrees F. all day in winter sun, depending on sun and wind conditions.

8-1/2″dia., 3″ H. 1-1/2″ dia. opening. Holds 1 quart.

Mounting Bracket – 10004 The Solar Sipper® Bracket fits the standard and deluxe Solar Sipper. Mounting hardware included.

(Shown with Model  10008  Solar Sipper® Deluxe Water Station














Happy Bird Solar Sipper Products are sold by vendors throughout the world.


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Join Tom in the effort to use less electricity. His invention keeps us from using fossil fuels to make that electricity, and thus, keeps the climate clean. As Tom reminds us, animals deserve what your indoor pets get every day, clean water in a clean dish.


Read his water blog at https://thomashollydaydotcom.wordpress.com/


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