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   Solar Sipper® Products for Consumers 2016


                      “The Solar Sipper is simply the best all season non-electric drinker.”

                                    “A remarkably simple and effective water device”

                           “Far better than any open dish in preventing harmful bacteria”

                                     “Absolutely safe and provides fresh water”

                               “Energy efficient way to heat and cool the water”



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The Commercial animal unit which covers the drinking water, insulates, and provides passive solar heating has found a home with backyard poultry farms. Passive solar means that expensive solar cells are not used to convert heat to electricity and to use that electricity to run heaters. Instead it directly radiates the heat from a dark surface to the water that surface covers. Simple, inexpensive, and efficient like the solar pipes heating water on a roof. It is competitive to electric powered drinkers and operates in sunlight when animals range outside and like to drink. It has no wires for animals like chickens to peck or chew. Since it only works to about 20 deg. F, it doesn’t allow animals to freeze parts of their bodies as can happen with too hot open water being provided in frigid temperatures. Check out recent videos of these Solar Sipper units 10040, 10008, and the dog version Solar Sipper 10011 in operation on YouTube. Compare their drinking water to the frozen water nearby in the open bowl. These videos show backyard weather down to 20 degrees F. even with some clouds and light wind compromising the sunlight. Remember, every effort you make to use less electricity keeps us from using fossil fuels to make that electricity, and thus, keeps the climate clean. Go solar!







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Solar Sipper® Product Line 2016   Non-electric outdoor covered water stations for animals

                Manufactured by Happy Bird Corporation, P.O. Box 86, Weston, MA 02493. Made in the USA.

Model 10003 All season wild bird Garden Blue Solar Sipper with Garden Blue footed base and translucent top. Top keeps water clean, safe-no electrical wires, solar top uses sun to keep water clean of ice to 20 deg. ambient, air space keeps water cool in summer, warm in winter.
Model 10014, same as Model 10003 but with Model 10004 Mounting bracket.
Deluxe Solar Sipper – 10008

Standard Solar Sipper – 10007


Deluxe in Berry Red       Max Power in Solar Black

The Solar Sipper® Deluxe and Max Power Standard are the best products for clean, fresh drinking water for wild birds on the market today. These water stations do it all. Unlike a birdbath, they cover the water to keep it clean. The patented design insulates to keep water cooler in the summer and warmer in winter. It heats with a unique solar design against winter ice. In winter simply fill with warm water, place in winter sun and the Solar Sipper will remain unfrozen all day to 20 degrees F.  Model 10008 features berry red outer cup, Model 10007 features black outer cup. 8-1/2″ dia., 3″ h, 1-1/2″ dia. opening. Holds 1 quart.
Deluxe Pet Solar Sipper – 10012

Commercial Sipper – 10011


Deluxe Berry Red  Cup       Commercial Solar Black Cup

Safe and reliable Solar Sipper® Commercial watering stations are engineered for providing fresh drinking water to backyard poultry, pets, wildlife. No wires to shock busy beaks.   The water surface is covered to keep water clean while the unit is insulated for year-round use. Winter use is possible due to the patented black solar top. In winter, simply fill with warm water, put out in the winter sun and the unit will remain unfrozen all day to 20 degrees F.  Model 10012 features berry red outer cup,   – a little fancier for the cat or dog who has everything. 8-1/2″ dia., 3″ h, 4″ dia. Opening. Holds 1 quart.  Both models are good for poultry.
Super Solar Sipper – 10040 The Model 10040 Super Solar Sipper® solar-heated portable fresh drinking water station for wild birds is designed with birds in mind to go where they go at any time of year. Tough plastic cover keeps water clean for a day’s drinking while the patented top design keeps enough solar heat to keep water from freezing to 15 degrees F. all day in winter sun, depending on sun and wind conditions.


8-1/2″dia., 3″ H. 1-1/2″ dia. opening. Holds 1 quart.

Mounting Bracket – 10004 The Solar Sipper® Bracket fits the standard and deluxe Solar Sipper. Mounting hardware included.

(Shown with optional Solar Sipper® Deluxe Water Station (Model 10008)




























Price list consumer 2016

Stock number Model Description WGT (lb) LIST S&H TOTAL
STDSS (bird) 10007 Maxpower 1.25 29.95 10
DLX SS (bird) 10008 Deluxe 1.25 22.95 10
BLUE   (bird) 10003 Garden Blue 1.25 31.95 10
SSS   (bird) 10040 Super 1.25 34.95 10
BKT 10004 Bracket (all) 1.00 16.95 10
BLUE w BKT 10014 10003+10004 2.25 39.95 10
SSB (pet) 10011 Commercial 1.25 29.95 10
PET (pet) 10012 Pet 1.25 39.95 10
POSTER 10015 Color 21×33 7.00
TOP 10021 1 ½” hole 2.6 oz 9.95 5
TOP 10022 4” translucent 2.6 oz 13.95 5
TOP 10026 1 ½ translucent 2.6 oz 9.95 5
OUT CUP 10023 black 8.3 oz 13.95 5
OUT CUP 10024 red 8.3 oz 16.95 5
OUT CUP 10027 translucent 8.3 oz 16.95 5
IN CUP 10025 black 4.4 oz 16.95 5



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Hollyday, writer and inventor

   Solar Sipper® Products for Consumers   2016

Solar Sippers were invented by Thomas Hollyday, writer o f nature articles, activist for water resources for animals, and author of many Chesapeake Bay mysteries and romances available at Amazon Kindle.


                      “The Solar Sipper is simply the best all season non-electric drinker.”

                                    “A remarkably simple and effective water device”

                          “Far better than any open dish in preventing harmful bacteria”

                                     “Absolutely safe and provides fresh water”

                               “Energy efficient way to heat and cool the water”

                                            “we ship all over the world”


Join our team at Happy Bird Corporation in helping animals get fresh water. For twenty eight years our outstanding and ingenious solar heated design has satisfied the hygienic and portable needs of wild birds, pets, wildlife and poultry. Profits from its sale have promoted awareness of water for animals.



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